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    for MIT App Inventor

    Create incredible mobile apps in a jiffy using our source codes!

  • Features

    Here are some of the cool features of CodeInventor Kits.


    • Ideas to leverage the power of App Inventor
    • Methods to extend the capabilities of App Inventor
    • Tricks to break the limitations of App Inventor
    • Techniques to design, build and package real world commercial applications


    • Revolves around a quick, short project with a cool theme that demands creativity and innovative thinking
    • Packaged as do-it-yourself project kits for MIT App Inventor enthusiasts

    • Build upon our existing app codes (source files) to design more incredible mobile & tablet apps in a jiffy

    • Helps promote critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills


    • Conceived, designed, developed and packaged after extensive research by a team that consists of pedagogy experts, curriculum designers, technologists, and app designers
  • Package

    Here are the details about the CodeInventor Kit packages.

    Age Groups

    • Kids (4 to 12)
    • Teens (13 to 19)
    • Adults (20+)

    Complexity Levels

    • Starter (Simple)
    • Practitioner (Medium)
    • Power User (Complex)

    Kit Contents

    • App (APK) File
    • App Source (AIA) File
    • Assets  (Files)
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  • Portfolio

    Check out some of the other CodeInventor kits that are available presently for immediate purchase.

    iRobot (For Lego Mindstorms)

    An app to control your robots

    - An innovative smart phone app that helps you control your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robots in the most intuitive ways - by tapping, speaking, or messaging (SMS)!


    Check out the details & download the app here.


    An app to scribble and share your feelings

    - An intuitive app that lets you scribble your feelings and express yourself in the most natural way to the world through your mail, messenger, or social media network

    - Aimed at people bored typing out their feelings using expressionless fonts


    Check out the details & download the app for free here.


    A women & teen safety app

    'iSafeGuard' is a personal safety app for women and young girls who face immense challenges to live safely in today’s world.

    This community-based app is designed to help women and young girls in unsafe situations to:
    - Let their friends and guardians track their location when they are on the move
    - Send distress calls (SOS messages) with location details to preset phone numbers of their friends and guardians
    - Alert iSafeGuard volunteers (users who have opted to help their community) near them to reach out for help


    Check out the details & download the app for free here.


    A school bus & student tracking mobile app solution

    'Locatera' is a comprehensive mobile phone based school bus and student tracking solution that consists of the following three apps:


    - Locatera Parent

    - Locatera Attendant

    - Locatera Admin 


    Check out the details & download the app here.


    A chat app that allows you to just scribble your messages!

    Hype is an innovative chat app that helps you chat live with your friends just by 'scribbling' your messages on the screen!


    Check out the details & download the app here.

  • About Us

    'CodeInventor Kits' is brought to you by LateraLogics Innovations with a vision is to help make app inventing the most engaging and fun experience for App Inventor enthusiasts.


    To know more about our other products that are helping users create amazing things, checkout our company website.


    Arjun, our Founder & President is:

    - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) App Inventor Award-Winner

    - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) App Inventor Bug Finding Contest Award-Winner

    - Google Code to Learn Award-Winner

    - National Child Award-Winner for Exceptional Achievements (Computer Technology)

    - Ashoka Youth Venturer at Ashoka India

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Terms & Conditions:
1. The package includes a ‘single user license’ only for you to use this CodeInventor kit. Hence, you are not allowed to share the kit or the source (AIA) file with anyone else.
2. You are free to use any of the techniques discussed in this kit in any number of your projects. 
3. You are free to build upon the source (AIA) file provided in the kit and publish your (own) apps to Google Play Store or any other publishing platforms (for free or paid) provided you satisfy their terms and conditions.
4. Though we have taken utmost care to test and ensure that this app is working smoothly on different Android devices (mobiles and tablets), we cannot guarantee that it will work on your device. Hence, we recommend to test out the app on your device before purchasing the kit.